Cappadocia photo tour

Get ready for the most satisfying landscape and equine photography tour of the year! The Cappadocia Photo Tour will guide you through the best photo locations of Cappadocia’s unique, breathtaking UNESCO-protected landscape, formed by volcanic activity 60 million years ago.

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The dates for 2024 are September 8-13.

Balloons and rocky landscape in Cappadocia, Turkey

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September 23-28, 2023


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Cappadocia Photo Tour Overview

Experience dozens of colorful hot air balloons floating in the sky above the iconic rock formations at sunrise. Get a taste of the experience yourself and shoot amazing photos of Cappadocia from the hot air balloon. We’ll dedicate enough time to capturing the local rugged landscapes from different vantage points.

More than 300 wild horses will surely make for a true highlight and a unique subject. Wild and semi-wild horses are led by experienced local cowboys. You will feel the ground shaking under your feet while your vision is obstructed by the huge cloud of dust illuminated by soft sunlight.

We will use horses as models on multiple shoots to add scale and give you another layer of interest to work with to make your images even more interesting.

We expect you to get a wide variety of images on this photography tour and thoroughly enjoy the extraordinary photo experience we have prepared for you.

No other photo tour in the region can match this one for its rich and varied itinerary put together by great local photographer Nuri Çorbacıoğlu and his team. Cappadocia has so much to offer to photographers like you!

As a bonus, you will taste delicious traditional Turkish cuisine that we believe you will fall in love with, along with Cappadocia as well.

Cappadocia Photo Tour Highlights

On the Cappadocia photo tour, we will regularly take advantage of soft light and shoot at sunrise and sunset. In addition to that, we have an interesting photographic program in place for the mid-day. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to make your images pop during our post-processing sessions.

Photos from Cappadocia

Why Choose Our Cappadocia Photo Tour?

Relax and enjoy hassle-free travel

Shoot stunning photos using local models

Learn editing your images like a pro

Stay comfortable in a 4-star hotel

Improve your skills

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An additional cancellation fee of 150 EUR applies to cover the payment fees and our service fee.

Cappadocia Photo Tour Itinerary

Ideally, we will all arrive in Kayseri on the same flight from Istanbul on September 23rd in the evening. We take a transfer to our stylish 4-star cave hotel in Cappadocia and enjoy the sleep after a long journey.

On day 1, we’ll take it easy and enjoy breakfast. After breakfast, we’ll get together to meet each other and go through the itinerary to give you more information on what’s happening in the upcoming days.

The structure for days 1 to 4 will be as follows: We always start with the sunrise shoot (except for Day 1), then we’ll have breakfast at the hotel. Our lunches will be between noon and 1 P.M. and we’ll finish each day with a late afternoon and sunset shoot.

The photo tour highlights will always take place at sunrise or sunset to use the best possible light.

Various activities await us during the mid-day, such as visits to the Zelve open air museum, an authentic pottery workshop to shoot evocative portraits of local artisans, exploration of an underground city, as well as some mid-day landscape photography of the fairy chimneys.

If somebody prefers to stay on firm ground as opposed to participating in a hot air balloon flight, there will be a photographic program for them to enjoy and shoot the scenery with the balloons in the air.

The daily break time will be typically after breakfast or before the sunset shoot for at least 1.5 hours.

After breakfast at the hotel, we will say goodbye to Cappadocia and move to the airport for our flights back home on September 28th.

Post-processing Sessions in Adobe Lightroom

To provide another benefit from this photo tour, we will also run post-processing sessions in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. We will work on your own images from the tour and unlock their full potential.

Jan will take you on a journey from unattractive and flat photos to vibrant, appealing, professional-looking pictures that will sell well.

In a short time, you’ll understand why editing your photos is so important and how to do it efficiently.

For post-processing sessions, we’ll use the time for rest and we’ll do it in small groups of two participants.

Upon request, we can also discuss various topics such as digital asset management,  backup workflow or anything else that’s of interest to you.

Essential Information

Cappadocia Photo Tour Leaders

Jan Miřacký

Jan is an award-winning landscape and travel photographer based in the Czech Republic. Jan regularly runs photography tours in Prague and the United States and more adventurous photo expeditions in places like Peru. Jan’s instruction on multi-day tours focuses on training each participant to see hidden compositions. Jan’s goal is to ensure each participant comes to understand composition and exposure, yielding more desirable results.

Jan Miřacký profile picture

Nuri Çorbacıoğlu

A photography artist, who has ‘photography’ as the center of his life. His work has been displayed in more than 20 exhibitions and his body of work of almost 100 photographs has been exhibited and awarded in more than 10 countries. In 2012, The International Federation of Photography Associations (FIAP) deemed him worthy of the AFIAP title – Artist FIAP. He works on documentary productions, cinematography and directing studies, and also runs Turkey Photo Tours and Cappadocia Photo Tours to take his passion for photography to the international field.

Nuri Çorbacıoğlu

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, non-photographers are also welcome. The tour price for non-photographers is the same as for photographers.