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We are Shuttermoon, a travel photography tour brand for adventurous photographers. Our journey began in 2016 with the idea of combining our love for travel photography and adventure. With over a decade of experience in travel photography and tourism, our founder Jan Miřacký has handcrafted each photography tour to offer our clients a unique and unforgettable experience.

We believe every photo can be a piece of art and strive to capture the essence of every destination we visit through our lenses.

Our founder Jan Miřacký has extensive knowledge and experience in travel photography and tourism. With his passion for both, he created Shuttermoon to allow photographers to explore stunning destinations, hone their photography skills, and have fun.

Our motto, “where photography meets adventure,” sums up our approach to travel photography tours. We believe that photography is not just about capturing stunning images but also about the adventure and experiences that come along the way. We design our tours to take you to spectacular destinations and provide you with ample opportunities to capture breathtaking images while experiencing the local culture and customs.

Join us on one of our photography tours, and let us take you on a journey to some of the most stunning destinations worldwide. Our tours are perfect for photographers of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. We guarantee you will return with a portfolio of stunning images and memories that will last a lifetime. We’ll be thrilled if you consider Shuttermoon for your next photography adventure!

Novice monk at Hsinbyume pagoda, Mingun, Mandalay, Myanmar

"Our mission is to empower photographers to capture the world's beauty through immersive tours with exceptional guidance, and unique experiences."

Meet our founder Jan

Jan Miřacký is a professional travel photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic. His love for cityscapes and natural landscapes, especially mountains, lakes, and open vistas, is reflected in his vibrant and beautifully composed images featured in guidebooks, newspapers, and travel magazines, including National Geographic Traveller.

As the founder of Johnny’s Prague Photo Tours and co-founder of Zirhamia, Jan leads award-winning photography tours in the Czech Republic and abroad. His tour participants appreciate his easy-going, engaging personality and willingness to share knowledge and provide helpful photography guidance.

Jan has no formal education in photography, but his passion for the craft and 15+ years of practicing it have led him to a successful career that allows him to do what he loves and is good at.

Jan’s hard work and dedication have earned him recognition from his clients, as evidenced by the two TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence that his company has received.

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